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A Culinairy Trip

Whether you're planning a festive dinner or simply want to transform your weekly menu, Invite is happy to serve you. Check out the site for the possibilities and contact us today.


What does Invite do?

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Private Chef

Exceed expectations

Something to celebrate, a marriage proposal, romantic candlelight dinner or enjoy the sunset at a special location.
Our private chef makes it an unforgettable experience!


Unique experiences

Invite has a few events we organize ourselves. Check out our gallery for inspiration! Or book your tickets for our next event now!

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Product Development

Aspiration for quality

Production of fresh products of high quality.


For all your celebrations and parties

Are you organizing a family celebration, anniversary, birthday, wedding or do you have something else to celebrate? We can take care of everything for you, from snacks to a full buffet.

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Freelance Chef


Is your kitchen employee or (sous) chef ill? Do you need an extra hand?
Our all-round chef, deployable at any parti, is happy to help you out!



Marco Coppens

Willemstad, Curaçao

Tel.: +5999 5217635

Bedankt voor de inzending!